Fondation Pierre Schmidt

General Information


  1. Every year, the foundation grants a scholarship to a physician who practises classical homeopathy. Alternating, the scholarship is granted to a Swiss or a French physician.
  2. The Foundation finances projects in the following areas of homeopathy:
    1. the diffusion of the homeopathy
    2. research work
    3. clinical experiments
    4. new attempts of application
    5. research of sources
  3. The projects have to be handed in to the Foundation before the 31th of December of the current year. As a referee, the candidate has to name a person known in homeopathic circles.
  4. According to the project, the Foundation will fix the amount of the scholarship.
  5. According to the complexity of a project, the duration of a scholarship may vary.
  6. A final report has to be handed over to the Foundation within 3 months after the end of the project.
  7. Any publishing of the project has to be presented to the Foundation and to be approved by it. Also, it must be mentioned in the publication that the project was financed by the Foundation.
  8. The final report remains the property of the Foundation and may therefore be published or diffused by the Foundation. Legal actions will not be allowed against the decisions of the Foundation.

Contact form

Prospective customers can here take contact to Dr. Paille.